Best Watches for Women at Affordable Prices

Watches are unquestionably a women’s world; there is no denying that. It is something we acknowledge with that. In general, women purchase more watches than men, watch advertisements are more concerned with women’s watches, and men’s watches dominate the horological industry. One can argue that watch for girls has been sidelined for many decades, almost as a sideshow.

What type of Watch should you choose from Adamo?

Women watches case shape or style should chosen carefully. Women prefer the round shape, but some like the bolder, perhaps more ‘masculine’ square shape. Watches in rectangular or regular shapes are chic, whereas curvy watches, or those with unusual conditions, can be very enticing and certainly make a statement with their lines. It is possible to find watches for women that are casual/daily wear timepieces and more functional timepieces for sports activities.

The Wrist Size

A woman’s wrist size should considered when selecting a watch for girls stylish. An average woman’s wrist measures around five inches to seven inches (12 to 17 centimetres) in circumference, and her watches have a diameter ranging from 22 to 34mm, depending on style and maker. 

Smaller watch for girls, for example, have 22 to 28mm diameters, which are more suitable for smaller wrists, such as those measuring 5 to 6 inches (12 to 14cm). 

Strap or Bracelet?

Women watches feature a variety of bracelets. Stainless steel bracelets often one-banded, while gold and platinum bracelets can linked together. 

As a last option, rubber straps are durable, easier to clean, and damaged by perfumes. As with many sports watch for girls, fashion watches usually have rubber straps. Colours and designs vary, of course.