Encircle is Titan’s Unified Loyalty program which allows members to earn & redeem points across all Titan brand stores & at www.adamo.in. Every customer who shops at any of the following Adamo showrooms & www.adamo.in becomes an encircle member - soon.

Membership is voluntary and open to all Indian citizens. The Adamo Encircle membership is only for individual use and not for corporate purchases. The Adamo Encircle membership is non-transferable.

Offline enrollment: Every customer who shops at any of the following Adamo showrooms becomes an encircle member -. Customer mobile number will be queried in POSS for his membership status & if customer is already a member then he will be billed with the existing encircle number, if not customer will be assigned with a membership number.

E-comm enrollment: Any customer who transacts at www.adamo.in will become a encircle member provided he opts for the membership. Customer selects a product & while checking out he will mention his mobile# for final billing, mobile# will be verified for membership status & an OTP will be triggered for validation purpose. Upon successful validation of OTP, membership number will be allocated or displayed automatically. For any future transactions customer can use the same membership Id. Customer will be identified through mobile# in www.adamo.in

After selecting the desired product, customer will prepare for checkout. While checking out customer has to provide the mobile# & at the back end mobile# number will be queried for membership status. If customer is already a member then he/she will have to update his encircle number, if he is not sure about the number then he can query his encircle registered mobile# at www.adamo.in & system will throw the membership# mapped to registered mobile#

Offline Redemption: While making purchases at many outlets across India, provide registered mobile number to the cashier before final billing to redeem points. Available points can be redeemed at the will of customer at store. OTP is must to redeem points at store as well as online. Points will be credited only when membership number is provided while billing or check out.

Online Redemption: Encircle redemption is applicable only for login/sign users. After the OTP verification the user can reedem available encircle points.